grow your asset

MAX Build is uniquely positioned among remedial building companies in our experience of complex structural repairs of inhabited buildings and combining refurbishment, adaptation and repurposing of common property areas.

This is a fast-growing area of the property market, as owners increase the value of their property and its amenities, and can also create new Lots to fund overall upgrades, maintenance and compliance works.

CASE STUDY: Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach

This project includes the complete removal of the external brick skin, treatment of the dilapidated internal brickwork, installation of concrete balconies on all facades, new windows and doors, excavation under the building for the addition of four new apartments, installation of a major below-ground hydrant tank to facilitate compliance, new loft additions to top floor apartments, and a new roof.

Services Include:

  • Excavation of basements to provide new Lots

  • Adding new Lots to rooftops

  • Balcony refurbishments and balustrade replacements

  • Adding balconies to buildings

  • Roof, window and door frame replacement

  • Facade coating systems

  • Facade cladding systems and curtain walls

  • Essential services upgrades

  • Development and repurposing of common area

  • Access modification

  • Plumbing and electrical upgrades

  • Fire systems upgrade

  • Compliance/code upgrades