our Services

MAX Build undertakes complex and large-scale works in the remedial and refurbishment sector. We have attracted a technically highly proficient group of professionals who emphasise a collaborative work environment. This translates into an outstanding service to our multiple clients and stakeholders across all service areas, whether it’s working inside a home, rectifying systemic bathroom defects, HBCF insurance claims, or handling difficult structural works for tiered principal contractors.

our clients

Strata and Owners Corporations

MAX Build specialises in remedial construction and rejuvenating apartment blocks. We service the repair and defects of strata dwellings, tackling issues with waterproofing, brickwork, windows and concrete. We are also experts at upgrading buildings, cladding and providing regulatory window and fire safety upgrades. A major part of our offering is the processing of administrative tasks and communication model that empowers the strata manager.

Insurance and government

MAX Build has attracted a pool of clients with insurance and government claims due to our reputation for providing enduring remedial solutions, transparency and consultative approach. 

Engineers and building consultants

Sydney’s foremost building consultants and engineers work with MAX Build because we yield great results in this challenging and unchartered environment. Our intelligent and people-focused approach, technical drawing skills and in-depth remedial knowledge put us ahead of the pack.

Contractors and Developers

We partner with principal contractors to deliver the high-risk remediation arm of their project. MAX Build also engages directly with owner occupiers and developers delivering major structural repairs and upgrades on commercial structures.