Full Suite offering

MAX Build's core competency is repairing major structural damage and modernising buildings, while residents remain in their property. Projects are typically year-long and throughout this journey stakeholders are provided the opportunity to understand and to plan around the project. Our innovative communication model reduces the administrative tasks and headaches of stakeholder managers.

We are engaged by strata managers, remedial consultants, engineers and owner/developers to provide full-suite solutions to ageing properties.

clients include:

  • SPMA

  • ACOR

  • Sutech

services include:

  • Core Project Consulting

  • Partridge Consulting

  • Triaxial Consulting

  • Lend Lease

  • IBC

  • RHM


Concrete Repair

  • Concrete spalling to slab edges, overhead balcony soffits or large structural beams

  • Form and pour new or add-on structures

  • Installation of sacrificial anodes

  • Welding or splicing reinforcement



  • Raking out and replacing defective mortar

  • Rebuilding rolling and fretting brickwork

  • Installing cavity flashing

  • Crack stitching moving brick sections

  • Rebuilding brick and blockwork retaining walls

  • Brick dying and hand painting to match existing brickwork

  • Tuck pointing


Dry-wall ties and Lintel Replacement

  • Installing Helifix dry-wall ties

  • Replacing concrete, terracotta or steel lintels



  • Chemical crack injections

  • Water testing

  • Cavity flashing

  • Roof decks

  • Building facades

  • Balconies

  • Retaining walls

  • Carparks


Magnesite Removal

  • Internal magnesite removal


Window & Door Replacement