What we did:

  • Waterproofing

  • Facade Refurbishment


160 CLARENCE ST, the Public Services Association’s level 11 canteen terrace, occupying the length of the 1970s building, had been out of action for several years due to the balustrade height no longer being compliant and the space too windy to enjoy; there was also rain leaking into the offices beneath. After a competitive tender, MAX Build was appointed to overhaul the 140 sq m2 alfresco space.

MAX Build’s task was to remove from the terrace existing tiles, mortar bed, unsafe balustrading and its supporting concrete plinths. We were then required to grind back the old waterproofing membrane from the concrete structure, rebuild new plinths at centres that suited a 1.8m high steel and glass balustrade, cove all floor-to-wall junctions with sand and cement to make a smooth transition for a double layer torch-on membrane.

This was then comprehensively water tested for 24 hours before a double-layer, high impact plastic slip joint was laid beneath the new mortar bed. The terrace was then re-tiled requiring a new hob to be installed at the edge of the building to create deeper falls to the existing storm water outlets. Once the new waterproofing had been completed all plaster repairs could be made to the damaged walls and ceilings below, and repainted to complete the job. Now PSA’s staff can savour time outside overlooking Sydney’s changing skyline without gusting winds or safety concerns.


“With a professional attitude to the safety issues involved with working at heights and a keen eye on the finished product Max Build produced a fine example of tiling and balustrading, vetting the materials when they arrived and proactively replacing any items that appeared below par. They worked in well with the others using the building for conferencing and meetings, and met all the delivery and program expectations, as well as giving professional design and specification advice.

MAX Build is a valued contractor who we will be happy to give repeat business to." 

- Greg Adnum, Acting Building Manager, 
Public Service Association of New South Wales