What we did:

  • Sandblast existing reinforcement

  • Systematically realign existing props, double-up new props with hardwood plates to accommodate a new beam system

  • Install footing, columns and beam system as per engineer’s plans

  • Install shotcrete slab to soffit to engineer’s detail

  • Apply a sand blast coating system to nominated soffit area

  • Install MCI 2020 as per scope

  • Concrete Spalling Repair 3,500 litres

  • Building a corefill concrete block wall and injecting structural resin into the northern alcove.

  • Forming and pouring new concrete columns around existing steel UC’s


In a heavily trafficked shopping centre MAX Build remediated existing concrete structures to allow new commercial tenancies to be built, and erected a new steel and concrete structure underneath a supermarket’s cool room. Over the four-month project, we had to ensure there were no disruptions to retailers and their consumers.

MAX Build proudly won Commercial Awards for Excellence at the ACRA - Executive Officer awards in October 2018 for this project. Our partners were Triaxial Consulting and Girvan Waugh.


“The Birkenhead Point Land Based Amenities refurbishment was an extremely challenging project full of unforeseen and ongoing developments. MAX Build was instrumental throughout every phase of the project, from their initial participation in cost engineering and scope clarification to the final closeout.

MAX Build can be depended upon to drive a project from its inception to completion and guaranteed to present an outstanding finished product. I highly recommend MAX Build for their remedial knowledge and advice as well as their building skills. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with MAX Build on future projects.”  

Contracts Administrator Clare Ryan
Girvan Waugh