What we did:

  • Concrete repair

  • Brickwork repair

  • Waterproofing

Built in 1926 BERKELEY COURT, 1 BEACH RD, is one of Bondi Beach’s earliest high-rises.

Built around the same time as Sydney Harbour Bridge, it too was a trailblazer for using steel reinforced concrete. However due to the era’s inferior building materials and techniques, plus its seaside location, the five-storey structure suffered severe deterioration from concrete spalling and required extensive repairs.

The works were carried out in two stages, each with an approximate six-month duration and with most units remaining in residence.

All localised spalling, a result of poorly placed reinforcement during the original build, was cut back until sound reinforcement was exposed. The fit-for-purpose steel was then cleaned, treated, painted, and bonded with the concrete reinstatement mortar.

In consultation with Strata Remedial Engineers over 70 per cent of the nominated structural frame was deemed beyond repair. MAX Build rebuilt this with a super fluid, low alkali, micro-concrete reinstatement mortar that gave a high-strength outcome.

For further seaside protection all repaired elements were treated with a waterproof coating system and new flashings were placed in the curtain wall to maintain a watertight cavity.

Our final task was to reinstate the brick skin, initially removed to access and remediate the building’s frame. To accomplish a cohesive look between existing and new, MAX Build hand painted each replacement brick and mortar bed. We used a brick staining system and special oxidising chemicals to imitate the stained and burnished appearance of the originals. 

We are very proud to have given this landmark beauty a new lease of life alongside the promenade.

MAX Build proudly won Residential Awards for Excellence at the ACRA - Executive Officer awards in October 2018 for this project. Our partners were SRE and Advanced Community Management.